fourEight Plaques and Customs, LLC

Digital and Physical Media Services

Laser Engraving

A personalized engraving is the ultimate enhancement for anything you want to demonstrate your personality. If you have a gift, coffee mug, display case, firearm, knife, watch, tack, fishing rod, or anything that can fit into our Boss laser engraver, we can make it happen.

  • Quality – We’ll work with you to create your custom engraving art and send it to you for approval before we do any permanent work.

  • Speed – Our engraver works around the clock and so do we. From your initial request to finished product, don’t expect to wait weeks. Have an urgent need? We can help.

  • Made in America – For products that you don’t have yourself, we select products that are Made in the USA.

We’ve been building a name for ourselves with a focus on quality, friendliness, and price. So give us a call or come on by to check out what we can do for you.

Product Design

If you have a one-off customization product or have a batch of products you want to have produced, we can make it happen. We use Computer Aided Design (CAD) systems to support 3-axis production. Whether your product is wood or metal, we can make what you want.

  • Quality Control – We will work with you to take your idea from concept to the drawing board before your product ever enters production. This way you can verify the quality and intended design to get what you want.

  • Computer Aided Design – Our artists are equipped with some excellent software to make anything you can imagine.

  • Fast Work – Because we use CAD systems, we can always quickly find and design a product based on a template or font we probably already have. That saves you on time and money.


See something you want, but can’t get? We have strategic partnerships with suppliers and OEMs to get you started. Give us a call and we can make you want you want from custom boots, shoes, orthotics, coins, or even ornaments.

When you partner with us, you benefit from a local manufacturer that you can stop by and see for hands-on quality controls. We can produce tens of thousands of units per month to meet demand.


Come by our store on Polly Peak at the intersection of Highway 16 and Polly Peak. We’re right next to the new Valero gas station. We have a lot more space than our former shops on Main Street and it’s fun to watch all the magic happen.

Need help selling your gear? Hit us up and we’ll make it happen.

Company Info

fourEight Plaques and Customs, LLC is also doing business as Dapper J’s. One is laser engraving and manufacturing, while the other is boot repair, tack repair, reconditioning, custom orthotics, and other leather work.

We do accept credit cards including GTCC.

  • Founded: 2019

  • Bandera, Texas

  • Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business

  • DUNS: 117459462

  • CAGE: 8J9V0

  • COA-PAY: S4402A-HQ0339